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SOC (NCF) 1 Type and SOC (NCF) 3 Series Outdoor AC high voltage drop fuse designed and tested to meet the following standards:
GB / T 15166.3-2008 "high-voltage AC fuses - Part 3: jet Fuse"
DL / T 640-1997 "Outdoor AC high voltage drop fuse and fuse ordering technology"
ANSI C37.41
ANSI C37.42
100A load fusible element will accommodate 6A-100A rated current of the fuse. 200A load fusible element that will hold the rated current 100A-200A fuse. For special occasions, the appropriate fuse size and type of selection is to be carried along with continuous load current protection device types and in conjunction with other over-current protection equipment required varies. Type of protective equipment, including circuit breakers, power fuses and reclosers, and other cables and lines.